About Me

Hello! I’m Nick, a photographer who is inspired by the dramatic landscapes seen throughout my travels across the UK and Europe.

My Background

I’ve spent the last 30+ years working in the fitness industry and a registered physiotherapist for the last 11 years. Leading an active lifestyle has certainly helped in my quest to improve my photography. I can sometimes spend hours hiking at a location to find the best composition! 

My Interest in Photography

My first introduction to photography was helping out in my dad’s camera shop during my teens. Back then it was old school developing film in the dark room for customers.

However, it had taken until 2013 before I actually got my first DLSR. Since then I have been experimenting with various genres and realised that I like a bit of everything. I love visiting new places and go with the flow as to what to shoot and what I feel is fitting with the mood of that location.

Although I’ve played with most genres if I had to pick a favourite then it would be Black & White. The mood you can create by draining the colour really suits some images.